GVU Center Brown Bag: Wei Wang "Designing Human Machine Interfaces inĀ Future Vehicles"


Digital technologies have increasingly begun to permeate the driving experience in recent years to support continually increasing information and cognitive needs associated with driving and non-driving activities in the car. With recent pilot projects like Waymo, Uber, and Tesla, we can anticipate that autonomous driving technology will have a significant impact on accelerating the transformation of automobile interface in its more than one hundred years long history. As the technology matures, and initial public enthusiasm wanes, designing a better user experience within this new mode of travel will be of critical importance for our future. In this talk, we examined the user experience issues that will arise with the introduction of autonomous driving including the attention-activity changes and related design considerations. We then discuss current disciplinary-specific design methodologies and introduce a more comprehensive approach to the design space to optimize the opportunities for user interaction with examples to meet the changes in the vehicle and the associated transportation service.

Speaker Bio:

As an assistant professor, Dr. Wei Wang brings industrial and international experience to the Industrial Design program at Georgia Institute of Technology. His research interests stand in the interactive technology, human-computer interaction and smart product design from user experience perspective. He is directing DesigNext lab in School of Industrial Design on the applications of emerging interface design in future consumer electronics. His patents in gesture interaction and mobile service have been applied widely in consumer products by Nokia and Microsoft. Wang won multiply international awards, included the Annual Engagement and Enterprise Awards from Queen Mary University of London (UK), Annual Achievement Awards from Nokia (Finland), the Science and Technology Award of China Mechanical Industry (China), and the Michelin Challenge Design Award in the worldwide. Wang used to work in Nokia Research Center, Hunan University and Queen Mary University of London before he joined Georgia Tech in 2016. Wang is a member of IDSA and ACM SIGCHI, and received his Ph.D. in design in 2008.

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  • Thursday, October 10, 2019
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Technology Square Research Building, 1st Floor Ballroom, Atlanta, Ga

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