Student Groups

Two student groups, RoboGrads (graduate) and RoboJackets (undergraduate), raise awareness of the importance of robotics technology to stimulate interest in the field. The groups work together to mentor a high school team for the FIRST Robotics Competition, providing support such as shop space and equipment, funding, and engineering guidance. In collaboration with IRIM staff, RoboGrads leaders also host tours throughout the year. 

RoboJackets is a group of Georgia Tech students, faculty and alumni that aims to enhance the understanding of the field of robotics and its applications, as well as to increase the number of students exposed to it. RoboJackets carries out its mission through projects that correspond to the organization's tenets of promotion, education and advancement.

The Robotics Graduate Student Organization (RoboGrads) is an organization for graduate students enrolled in the multidisciplinary Robotics Ph.D. Program. The organization was formed in Spring 2010, both in response to the need for students to provide feedback about the program, as well as the desire to create a community. RoboGrads was officially chartered as a Georgia Tech student organization in Fall 2010.