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External News Alert | Hitachi Begins Testing of 5G Powered Industrial IoT Solutions at its Silicon Valley Research Center in California, USA

Researchers at Ericsson using GT co-developed Hitachi robotics
Researchers exploring 5G use cases with a robotic arm
at the Silicon Valley Research Center

In a major step forward on this front, Hitachi America has partnered with Ericsson to install a dedicated 5G network in its Silicon Valley Research Center in Santa Clara, California. With this network, Hitachi America will be able to validate new 5G technologies and related solutions it is developing to generate an understanding of their potential value to customers. Hitachi America intends to start by testing manufacturing solutions using the 5G collaborative teleoperation technology co-developed with Georgia Institute of Technology (“Georgia Tech”) and continuing to work closely with Ericsson on joint development initiatives for industry solutions as a result of this new dedicated 5G lab network.


Read the full press release from Hitachi here.

IRIM Seminar Series Session 2 | Sep. 30, 2020
All Seminar Sessions Occur @ 12:15 - 1:15 (EST)

"Star Wars: The Rise of Robots and Intelligent Machines”

Abstract: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a space opera movie captured the imaginations of roboticists, researchers, and writers from around the world.  Over the last 43 years, Star Wars has had an immense impact on our collective perception of robotics.  It has introduced some of the most beloved droids as well as one of the most feared cyborgs in science fiction.  In this panel, we will discuss how the Star Wars movies have influenced the design of robots and intelligent machines, including prosthetics, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence.  We will show examples of how George Lucas portrayed good and evil in different types of technology and how he depicted human-robot teaming.  These illustrations have driven how we design and interact with technology to this day.  Whether you love or love-to-hate the movies, these are the droids discussions that you are looking for!

Panelists: Matthew Gombolay - GT IC, Ellen Mazumdar - GT ME , Lisa Yaszek - GT Media & Communications, Aaron Young - GT ME

Access the Debate Here:

Save the Date: Industry & Student Virtual Mixer

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Speaker 1 | Probabilistic Reasoning on Lie Groups with Application to Nonparametric Object and Parts Modeling
David Hayden  | Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Speaker 2 | Human Pose Estimation in Bed
Henry M. Clever | Healthcare Robotics Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology


Access the Session Here:  tinyurl.com/F20robograds